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Energy Healing- Reiki

  • 1 hour
  • 155 US dollars
  • FaceTime or Washingtonville NY

Service Description

I offer both, distant ( Reiki over FT ) & IN PERSON Reiki services. Once you have booked your appointment, I will send out an intake form- you can choose whether you will be coming in to my office or meeting me over FT. Since Reiki is an energy healing modality, practitioners can utilize their mind, intentions, and the natural laws of physics to support recipients in their healing. The modality helps us remember that we are all connected to begin with. It emphasizes our interconnectedness and helps us drop the illusion of separation. WHAT DOES A REIKI HEALING ENTAIL? In a typical distant reiki session, the practitioner and client will communicate either via FaceTime. At an agreed upon time, the practitioner will intuitively connect with the client, observe their energy field, and replenish with light. They may also cut cords, balance chakras, channel messages from spirit guides, or work with crystal energy. In both distant and in person sessions, the practitioner must have consent from the recipient. It’s unethical to shift energy in another person’s field without their knowledge and permission. WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER A REIKI SESSION After the session, recipients may feel lighter, more joyful or at ease. However they may also experience a brief healing cycle in which their body, heart and mind are adjusting to the new energies. This may include feeling tired or sore, having a headache, experiencing deeper emotions, or feeling more aware of your mindset. This is a normal process of healing in which energies that have been stored are coming to the surface of your consciousness before they are released. You may want to meditate or journal some thoughts down, to help integrate the energy more mindfully. Notice how your perspectives, feelings, interactions, and reactions shift over the coming weeks and months. Remain curious about how you’re evolving. When experiencing a healing cycle after a distant Reiki session, give yourself time to rest and hydrate with fresh water. Listen to your body. It may want gentle exercise, sleep or meditation. Avoid foods that are harder to digest such as gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and meat. Most importantly, don’t question, judge or disrupt this process of healing. WHY RECEIVE A REIKI SESSION Distant reiki healing supports your mind and body in infinite ways even beyond the logical mind’s understanding. They can also awaken us to our higher potential as we begin to witness our lower mind’s fears, worries, & doubts

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Washingtonville, NY, USA

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