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Cleansing & Blessing

  • 1 h
  • 222 US dollars
  • FaceTime

Service Description

During this reading I will channel the energy in your home in order to identify the proper service that you would need from me. According to what i see in meditation, i will take the accurate steps to ensure that the energy in your home is altered to a more desired energy. The key of this service is to bring the energy of heaven to your home. Because i cant physically be there for this, a pacakage will be sent to you with things that you will use to cleanse … as i guide you and work with my gifts through FT. Energy is everywhere—from the device you’re looking at right now to the floor beneath you. It’s also that indescribable feeling you get when you walk into your home and are greeted with a heavy, weird vibe that renders you incapable of relaxing and getting comfortable on the sofa. Our homes are collectors of energy in the same way they accumulate hoards of stuff. So if you want to add more good vibes into your space and reduce feelings of stuffiness, energy clearing is a good way to start. I definitely recommend doing it when you first move into a new home or room. Also any time there has been any large energetic shift or even something that takes place in a room—breaking up with a partner, having new people in your space, bringing in new pieces of furniture, etc. After cleansing your space I will then begin my very own ritual to bless it. Please understand that certain gifts that I posses & training that i have gone through ensure that your space will be renewed with new energy and cleansed of any negative energy. I will also add a protection over the space & everyone who lives there.

Contact Details


Washingtonville, NY, USA

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