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Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Pendant

Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Pendant


This pendant is available in silver & gold and can be paired with one of our silver & gold necklaces or our silver & gold charm bracelets! All pendants are now all sold separately from necklaces & bracelets to give my clients the chance to create their own beautiful charm bracelets based on their individual needs!



Dalmation Jasper helps you achieve your goals and gives you strength to accomplish your desires. It has a very gentle but potent vibration that gives you the stamina you need to get the job done while also helping you release stress and stop overthinking things. It reminds you to keep learning in order to grow. Dalmation Jasper helps you to exert your energy in productive ways and then find much needed release when your body needs to reboot.




This crystal helps your child release hyperactive energy by bringing an overall calming effect. It is a great crystal companion for any child who seems to have energy for days and needs to take it down a notch. It can help your child find contructive ways during the day to use their energy so that at bedtime she is ready to hit the hay.

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