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Citrine Crystal Necklace

Citrine Crystal Necklace


Citrine crystal (also known as "Golden Amethyst") is a powerful tool for increasing confidence, overcoming obstacles, and developing mental toughness. It is also commonly used for manifestation, making it a stone that literally brings your dreams to life. Without a doubt, the gemstone amplifies intentions, so you'll need to incorporate rituals, meditations, grids, or other practices to fully utilize the gemstone's properties. Citrine is frequently gifted to business partners, employers, and colleagues, earning the crystal the unofficial moniker "The Merchant's Stone." Its stimulating energy helps to re-energize the body, mind, and soul.

The Raw Crystals are picked and wrapped differently. The crystal you purchase will be unique to you; no two will be the same.

All crystal pendants vary in shape & wire wrapping.

Included: 14K Gold Plated Necklace

Features & details:

Our chain are fully tested with SST Lab, Lead and Nickel Free! Cadmium Free! Allergic Free! Eco-friendly, Check last image for details)

Material:14K Real Gold plated solid brass. These gold chains look bright and sparkly in real life. Very decent light gold colored finished brass chain. With proper care,the color won't fade in around 2 years.

With Quality Lobster Clasp and String Ring, Finished Chain, Thin Strong Chain


1. Remove your Jewelry Chain when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities, as prolonged contact with sweat will cause the plating to wear away.

2. Never use chemical jewelry cleaners as these will do more harm than good.

3.For light cleaning, gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching.

4. Store your beloved jewelry in a cool dry place(like as jewelry box that is included in your order.

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